Seal / Concrete / Asphalt

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This is the newest service from Ozroads Paving after years of requests from our customers to provide a permanent seal & repair system for older asphalt & concrete driveways. We have, after lots of testing perfected a new way to clean, repair minor cracks & then re-coulor and restore the surface to extend the life of the asphalt or concrete and make it look new again from only $10m2 !
The process is a three stage system.
1. High pressure clean.
2. Cracks are repaired using an specialist injected polymer modified sealer.
3. The surface is sealed with a micro-surfacing modified polymer bitumen sealer for asphalt or a colour coat then a seal coat for concrete.


High pressure clean to remove all dirt, oil & contaminates from surface.


Asphalt driveway before treatment.


Asphalt driveway with polymer modified bitumen sealer being applied


Concrete driveway at the start of the cleaning process.


Concrete driveway before.


Concrete driveway coloured & sealed.


Concrete Driveway Cleaned, Coloured & Sealed.